Maserati Club Sweden invites You to the 40th anniversary of the Maserati International Rally in Sweden! We look forward to having you z as our honored guest June 25-28, 2020!

Important Notice:

Due to the Corona situation, we might be forced to move the event to September. Please look for updated information under News. Send any questions you have regarding this to info@maseraticlub.se.


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Experience the beautiful Swedish Countryside.
Experience the locally sourced, internationally inspired, high quality food.
Experience your fantastic car on the race track.
Experience the outstanding company of fellow Maseratistis.

Experience Maserati International Rally 2020 in Sweden!


Registration is now open!

Maserati Club Sweden is proud to announce, that the registration for Maserati International Rally 2020 is now open! Head over to the Registration page, and get your registration in already today, before it is too late!


Register for Maserati International Rally 2020 in Sweden, by clicking here and submitting the Registration Form!

When registering, you must read and accept our Regulations and how we collect and use Personal Data.

Filling in the registration form and submitting the information does not guarantee that you will be able to participate in the Rally, nor does it guarantee the room type you select for the accommodation at the hotel. Participation and room types are both subject to availability at the time of submitting the form. A manual confirmation will be sent, once the registration has been processed.